High Performance Signal Analysis Tools (HiPerSAT)

The The Neuroinfomatics Center and the GEMINI Project have developed several high-performance tools to aid in the manipulation and interpretation of EEG data. We include implementations of the Infomax, FastICA and Sobi algorithms, as well as a framework to integrate these tools into Matlab and EEGLAB.

We are proud to announce the version 1.1 release of HiPerSAT. Improvements include many bug fixes, better memory management, FIR filters, and EGI Raw file support. To keep in touch with the latest release information subscribe to the hipersat-announce mailing list. If you want to follow the latest development new, discuss HiPerSAT with other users, or help out with development, subscribe to the higher traffic hipersat-users mailing list. Release announcements will be made on both lists, so you do not need to subscribe to both.

For a complete description of HiPerSAT, please read our technical report .


Download Notes Platform Release Date
HiPerSAT v1.1 source All platforms December 1, 2006
HiPerSAT v1.1.alpha source All platforms March 27, 2006
HiPerSAT v1.0 source All platforms January 31, 2006
HiPerSAT-OSX v1.0 binary release Mac OS X January 31, 2006
HiPerSAT Test Data ~54 mb test dataset for validating HiPerSAT All platforms January 31, 2006

Please send all comments, bug reports and feature requests to hipersat@nic.uoregon.edu.